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6 months ago

This year has been one of the hardest of my life, lots of changes happened and i’m in nursing school. My parents had passed and I had to take off a work more than I would’ve liked to. This ended up in a termination. When i reached out to Kristi she absolutely did everything in her power to get me my job back! She advocated, and showed she deeply cared for my situation! Forever thankful for this union!

2 years ago

I think changes are coming! I can call Kristie and she does fight for us she has gone above to ensure we get our Worth as valued employess. I know she strives to do moore and I support her and for the first time in awhile I'm glad to have a UNION. Remember there is POWER in numbers. Thanks Kristie.

Sandy everly
3 years ago

Cathy She always has my back and will defend me

3 years ago

When I need help with something weather I was being treated unfairly or was be taken advantage of Kristi was there going above and beyond to get it corrected. No matter what time of day or it could be a weekend or weekday , she always answers my phone call and takes care of business. She does a amazing wonderful job.

3 years ago

During the last year I have been having some problems at work. I was at the point of wanting to quit until Kristi was involved. She not only kept me from quitting, but she also kept me from losing my job. She exceeded above & beyond the help I expected to receive. She is very professional & someone I can trust. I can definitely say I can count on her to figure a bad situation out.